Communities Water Supply Weimar / Bad Berka / Blankenhain

Bad Berka drinking water treatment plant after refurbishment

Bad Berka drinking water treatment plant after refurbishment

Project description

Drinking water extraction from the “Tannroda Vault” in the southwest of the Weimar region has a tradition going back more than 60 years for the towns of Weimar and Bad Berka. High-quality groundwater virtually free of anthropogenic effects is pumped out of 22 deep wells in Dambachsgrund, Kohlgrund and the Ilm water meadows. In order to meet the Drinking Water Ordinance, owing to its geological origins, iron and manganese need to be removed as well as excess carbonic acid.

The most economical solution was to combine the supply of raw and pure water of the supply areas of Weimar, Bad Berka and Blankenhain into a single treatment plant.

As regards raw water this includes:

  • 22 connected deep wells
  • vertex tanks (2 x 150 m³)
  • break pressure tank (50 m³)
  • raw water tanks (2 x 1,000 m³)
  • intermediate pumping station
  • 9,070 m of raw-water pipes PN 16

As for pure water it includes:

  • drinking water reservoirs (2 x 1,800 m³)
  • pumping stage to Blankenhain
  • elevated reservoirs at Schalhütte (2 x 1,200 m³)
  • intermediate pumping station at Schwarza
  • 12,000 m of pure-water pipes PN 16 / PN 25

The core of the communities water supply is the Bad Berka drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) for deacidification, deferrisation and demanganisation of groundwater with a treatment capacity of 14,500 m³/d. The total value of the project was around € 20m.

In preparation for the planning, extensive investigation was carried out into the options for the system with respect to the number of treatment locations and the need for and dimensioning of water reservoirs. After further surveys, the drinking water distribution system was extended in line with the treatment capacity and, for example, the Mellingen communities water supply connected to that of Weimar / Bad Berka / Blankenhain.