Solar collector on the Dresden-Kaditz stormwater overflow tank

Solar collector on the Dresden-Kaditz stormwater overflow tank

One of the largest solar power installations in the Free State of Saxony, which produces 160,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, was installed on the roof of the stormwater overflow tank of the Dresden-Kaditz wastewater treatment plant. It is fitted with 950 solar electricity modules.

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Energy Technology

According to the client’s specifications and consistently implementing the relevant standards and regulations, we take over the planning and supervising services in the construction and reconstruction of electrotechnical installations.

In our activities in relation to energy concepts, we strive for a close relationship between the fields of “energy production” and “environment”.

We concentrate particularly on:

  • the utilisation of hydropower for electricity production, in which each case needs to be weighted individually between local environmental interests (river habitats) and global interests,
  • the utilisation of geothermal energy and solar energy for hot water generation and electricity production in structural engineering and plant construction,
  • the utilisation of renewable primary products in electricity production through modern combined heat and power plants and the use of biogas sources for energy (e.g. biowaste fermentation and sewage sludge digestion),
  • as intensive energy efficiency as possible in combustion by combined heat and power (e.g. combined heat and power plants)

Our aim is to develop future-oriented plants and systems through innovative application solutions.