Rehabilitation of the flood protection dyke near Zeitz

Rehabilitation of the flood protection dyke near Zeitz

The summer and winter floods of 2002 and 2003 caused massive damage to the riparian strips of the Weisse Elster. Bank revetment, ground levelling, and dyke refurbishments were therefore required. Solution concepts and planning documents for the rapid repair of the damage were elaborated by our office. The constructional implementation of the measures required for rehabilitation, with implementation planning and construction supervision, was completed by 2005.

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Evironmental Protection

Our planning office has been concerned from the outset with environmental planning and protection. Our planning activity in this area intensified particularly as a result of the flood damage in August 2002. We see your projects through from analysis of the problem through the detailed planning to the physical implementation.

Our aim is to use our engineering expertise to offer ecologically and economically optimal advice, decision recommendation and planning for a project. We would like to point in particular to our wide knowledge in the planning of hydraulic engineering structures and installations under geotechnically complicated conditions.

The utilisation of renewable energies (e.g. hydroelectric installations) is assigned to our energy and measuring & controlling technology section.

Accompanying environmental planning in the form of accompanying landscape plans (PALM) or compensation measure planning are the most frequent applications within the framework of our activities in the implementation of technical projects.

The most important steps are

  • surveying, mapping and evaluating the biotope before the project
  • assessing the intensity of the intervention and its impact on the natural environment as well as weighing up interests,
  • planning compensatory measures as close as possible to the point of use