FINNE Sewage Association With Grossneuhausen Central Sewage Treatment Plant

FINNE Sewage Association

FINNE Sewage Association

Project description

30 municipalities, including three towns (Rastenberg, Kölleda, and Buttstädt) belong to the Association. Our office was and remains responsible for the overall design and coordination of the association sewage system, as well as for the planning and construction management of important installations, in particular the central sewage treatment plant in Grossneuhausen.

Overall, the system comprises:

  • as well as the central sewage treatment plant 6 individual treatment plants with sizes ranging from 150 to 1,200 PT
  • 14 sewage pump stations with delivery rates of 6 l/s to 187 l/s
  • stormwater overflow and stormwater retention tanks with volumes from 50 m³ to 5,000 m³
  • feed pipes (DN 80 to DN 300) with a total length of 17.5 km
  • collection pipes (DN 200 to DN 500) with a total length of 29.1 km

central sewage treatment plant:

  • 23 localities are connected
  • final construction size 32,000 PT; implemented 1st construction stage: 16,000 PT
  • mechanical purification stages, combined bio-P and aeration basin, polishing lagoon, simultaneous sludge stabilisation, sludge silo / thickener
  • construction sum: EUR 6.7m