Complex development of Kölleda-Kiebitzhöhe commercial estate

Aerial photograph of Kölleda-Kiebitzhöhe commercial estate incl. rail connection (c. 65 ha) for DaimlerChrysler AG

Aerial photograph of Kölleda-Kiebitzhöhe commercial estate incl. rail connection (c. 65 ha) for DaimlerChrysler AG

Project description

At the start of the 1990s, a 65 ha commercial estate in the town of Kölleda, for which we drew up the development plan, was revitalised.
This comprised a roughly 20 ha old industrial site (Kölleda radio works) as well as a former Wehrmacht airfield approximately 40 ha in size, which had both been used agriculturally and lain barren in the meantime. The site was burdened with demolished buildings, particularly former bunkers, and old ammunition.

The former premises of the radio works were broken up by us for new investors during ongoing commercial operation, with regard to both the land register and the utilities and transport links. In the newly developed part of the estate, all the supply lines and transport links were replanned and implemented, including stormwater retention, creating a biotope and building a small aeration plant.
Extending the existing commercial estate, an industrial site of c. 65 ha was developed from November 2001 on behalf of the Thuringia regional development company. Approximately 130,000 m³ of earth was excavated and 70,000 m³ of earth shifted for ground levelling.
Within one year (2002), a new siding, 10,000 m² of traffic area and all necessary supply and waste disposal facilities were planned, tendered and supervised by site management.

Water supply installations included 8,200 m of drinking water pipes, a booster station and 3 fire water tanks, each 300 m³. The work also included 1,300 m of sewers, 1,250 m of storm sewers, c. 7,000 m of pressure pipe line to the wastewater treatment plant with pump station and the construction of a 5,000 m³ stormwater retention basin.

The excellent cooperation between all partners involved in this project was crucial to its rapid implementation.

We believe that we made a major contribution to the success of the project through our service-based and professional operating methods. This is also the assessment of policy makers in Kölleda, DaimlerChrysler investors and the utilities and waste management companies involved.

As well as the development, our office was also commissioned by DaimlerChrysler AG with the construction management of the building constructions to erect the “Motorenwerk Kölleda der MDC Power GmbH”.


LEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen, Stadtverwaltung Kölleda

Capital expenditure (gross)

EUR 12m

Period of project

2001 - 2003