Water is the source of all life; for us it is also the most important element of our professional life.

We have committed ourselves in particular fashion to the specific fields of water supply and distribution, especially water supply and sewage disposal, the utilisation of hydropower and the construction of swimming pools.

The development of our agency is primarily geared towards ecological, technical and economic mastery of these specific fields. Environmental protection is of central importance in all our technical planning. Examples are the planning of solar collectors on large installation surfaces, hydroelectric installations and weirs with dedicated fish ladders, and the use if possible of water resources in a recirculation system.

Preserving the historical character and integrating the history and tradition of the location are accorded major significance in our planning of the modernisation and redesign of areas, squares or buildings. Examples of this are the refurbishment of listed school buildings, the redesign of the area surrounding the Frauenkirche in Dresden and our area development planning in the Arab States.

LOPP CONSULTING ENGINEERS is a consulting and planning engineering company, which considers itself committed in every respect, irrespective of manufacturing or supply interests, to the client and professional responsibility. We are fundamentally interested in long-term and partnership-based cooperation with our public and private clients. Thus the long-term strategy of the client in particular is always taken into account as well as the current project.