Reconstruction and Expansion of Kiev Sewage Works (Ukraine)

Aerial photograph of overall plant

Aerial photograph of overall plant

Project description

The Kiev-Bortnyz’ka works treats about 1.0 million m³ of wastewater a day. The current connected load is around 3.7 million inhabitants. The Kiev city council forecasts an increase of waste water quantities to >1.5 million m³/d and inhabitants to 5.34 m by 2021.

Because of the poor state of repair of the existing plant elements and the inadequate cleaning capacity, extensive reconstruction of the sewage works is required. In addition, 2 main pumping stations need to be reconstructed and a new pumping station with a capacity of 600,000 m³/d erected. The strict cleaning requirements require the construction of downstream biofilter systems for residual denitrification. Furthermore, the purified wastewater needs to be disinfected before being discharged into the Dnieper. Two treatment trains, each with approximately 270,000 m³ aeration volume and 16 secondary sedimentation basins with a diameter of 48 m are being constructed from scratch. One existing treatment train can be structurally upgraded.

The sludge treatment plants are likewise considerably worn; dewatering does not currently take place. To solve the waste disposal problem in the short term, a drainage system is initially being constructed, which will subsequently be enhanced by thermophile sludge digestion with gas utilisation in CHPs. The digested sludge is partially dried and burned in 3 fluidised-bed furnaces. A steam turbine is used for waste heat recovery. Phosphorus fertilizer is to be produced from the ashes by means of thermochemical processing.


Our planning office is commissioned with the implementation of a feasibility study and with all work phases of the planning and on-site construction management.

Technical data

  • reconstruction and expansion of plant for 5.34 m inhabitants
  • downstream biofilters for residual denitrification
  • UV disinfection
  • thermophile sludge digestion (5 * 15,500 m³, planning took place, for financial reasons is being built without sludge digestion)
  • digester gas utilisation in CHPs
  • mono sewage incineration plant for 245 tTS/d, (3 * 24 MW_therm.)

Capital expenditure

EUR 505 million


City of Kiev, Vodokanal Kiew AG

Period of project

2007 – 2012 (2021)