The Arnstadt wastewater treatment plant

Upgrading the Arnstadt wastewater treatment plant

The Arnstadt wastewater treatment plant required utilisation expansion from 80,000 to 100,000 inhabitants. For this purpose, the sewage treatment plant was expanded and reconstructed and a new sludge digestion plant with peripheral facilities built.

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Sewage Disposal

Apart from the planning services according to FSAE in all phases, subsidy and financing applications and construction management, our technical wastewater planning comprises the following services:

  • technical assessment of existing structures
  • procedural plant design (wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatments)
  • investigating hydraulic options
  • dimensioning of all wastewater, stormwater and mixed water pipes
  • dimensioning of special structures (e.g. stormwater overflow tanks, stormwater overflow facilities, wastewater treatment plants)
  • profitability calculations