Upgrading the Arnstadt Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ichtershausen for the "Erfurter Kreuz" Industrial Area

Digestion towers at the plant

Digestion towers at the plant

Project description

Expanding the wastewater treatment plant from 80,000 to 100,000 inhabitants by converting and extending the wastewater treatment plant (incl. coarse screen, primary treatment, pipe construction) and construction of new sludge digestion plant with peripheral facilities (incl. sludge digester, gas tank, sludge storage, CHP)

Structural and civil engineering

  • new structures: screening chamber, power house, 2 sludge basins each 1,300 m³ of reinforced concrete, gas tank, 2 sludge storages with 16 m diameter and 5 m height, primary treatment basin with 1,200 m³ volume, 2 reinforced concrete distributors
  • conversion: 2 aeration basins, 2 secondary sedimentation basins
  • pipework planning, transport planning, landscape and open space planning

Hydraulic und technical installations

  • coarse screen structure, intake pumping station, power house, sludge digester, sludge storage, digester gas tank, aeration basin, dewatering

Electrotechnical and process measuring and control facilities

  • new switching system for the sludge treatment equipment
  • conversion and expansion of existing switching systems for the wastewater treatment
  • control and regulation systems for the new sludge treatment and dewatering
  • new measuring technology for wastewater and sludge treatment
  • integration of new CHP unit into existing NS unit of the plant

Process control system

  • adaptation / expansion of existing process control system and telecontrol


Our planning office was commissioned with all work phases of the planning and the on-site construction management.

Technical data

Size of expansion: 100,000 inhabitants

Capital expenditure

EUR 7.9m


LEG Thüringen

Period of project

Commissioning: November 2007