New urban area "Sana'a Towers" (Yemen)

The new urban area

The new urban area "Sana'a Towers" in Yemen

Project description

A new urban area was to come into being in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, with residential and office buildings, hotels, shopping promenades and leisure clubs for approximately 11,000 inhabitants. The area to be developed amounted to 250,000 m².

The street layout for the “Sana’a Towers” building area was mapped out in the master plan. The main traffic streams flow along the four-lane main roads. These roads are divided by central reservations. At crossing points, traffic is organised by roundabouts. The roads in the “Villas” area are access roads and are only two-lane. There is no priority traffic in the Villas area; the roads are connected via three-armed crossroads. All roads have sidewalks and some additional parking spaces.

As groundwork for the construction of the traffic facilities, the ground levelling for the height implementation of the planned height development of the entire area needs to have been carried out. In the city of Sana’a, the district is connected by the already built but not yet surfaced main communication road in the south of the area; here: “city arterial road”, and a planned “collector road” as a northern link of the area.

The surface drainage of the carriageway, parking and sidewalk is done via drains with grating sizes of 50x50cm. Rainwater is conducted via the cambers and gradients of the roads and adjacent surfaces to the gratings on the rim. These drains are connected directly via pipelines to the stormwater canals.


General development plant, planning concept, concept for the infrastructure, design of the infrastructure (roads, drinking water network including the buildings, sewage network including the buildings, electricity supply system, communication system


Al Qudra International, Abu Dhabi UAE

Capital expenditure

EUR 4.7m

Period of project

2006 - 2008